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Crafty Products

Home of the GYRO-CUT Tool. Works like a pen… cuts like a knife.

We offer an exciting range of creative craft tools and supplies - loved by children, adults, and hobby enthusiasts. Our best-known product is the Gyro-Cut®, a precision cutting tool which includes the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR and Gyro-Cut® PRO. We recommend the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR for children as the fitted blade is “skin-friendly” and will not cut human skin in normal use. The patented blade is designed to easily cut thin sheet materials such as paper, thin card, and masking tape. Unlike other craft knives, the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR is safe for use by children (children under the age of 10 will require adult supervision).

The new Gyro-Cut® PRO can be used for cutting a far wider range of materials including paper, thicker card, fabric, thin leather, polymer clay, sugarpaste, thin balsawood and many other thin sheet materials. Simply select the most suitable blade for your chosen material, pop it in the holder and you're ready to cut out intricate shapes. If you wish to cut shapes from felt, choose our Easy Felt attachment which comes with a tungsten carbide Medium Cut blade and accessories to make felt cutting a breeze!! Whatever your crafting project, the Gyro-Cut® Tool is the ultimate addition to any craft lover’s collection.

Our other crafting products include Sticky Mat® AdhesiveMat Magic mat cleanermodel aircraft kits, the geometric construction toy – POLYDRON® and much more! Shop today to discover ingenious craft tools and supplies from Crafty Products.